$150,000 Goal
17% of Goal
$26,053 Raised

Welcome to the Wheelchair Challenge!

The aim of the Wheelchair Challenge is to raise much needed funds to support the important work we do in providing social, recreational and sporting opportunities for people with disabilities.

Research shows there is a 30% participation gap in sport, recreation and social programs between people with a physical disability and their able bodied peers. Our aim is to narrow this gap. We want children and adults with a physical disability to have the same opportunities as their able bodied peers. Having a disability should not impact on your ability to lead a full and happy life.

The Challenge

The Wheelchair Challenge is an event which challenges people to spend just one day of their life in a wheelchair while raising funds for Rebound WA. The main aims of the Wheelchair Challenge are to:

- Raise awareness of the challenging daily issues of accessibility encountered by people with a physical disability, by providing their able bodied peers with the opportunity to have first-hand experience in a wheelchair;

- Raise much needed funds to help us continue the work we do; and

- Raise awareness of the work we do in the community.

How can the funds I raise help?

- $1,000 – Represents the average cost of a young child with a disability and their family to attend a recreational camp for the weekend to participate in a fantastic range of inclusive activities and games.

- $2,000 – Can allow a Rebound WA staff member and athlete to attend a rehabilitation hospital to introduce in-patients to the world of disability sports and the opportunities available.

- $5,000 – Represents the cost of a hand-cycle we loan to children and adults to regain their independence following a life changing injury – it starts them on their journey of building a new life

What next?

To join us in this exciting Challenge, there are 4 simple steps you will need to take:

1. Contact the Rebound WA office to get your Registration Form

2. Choose a day between 4th January 2017 and 3rd December 2017 to spend one full day in a wheelchair.

3. Spend a full day in a wheelchair and raise funds for our Charity (fully tax deductible) 

4. Encourage at least one friend, family member or work colleague to sign up to also take on the Challenge.

Top Fundraisers

Simon Mead$6,910.00
Michael Nguyen$3,490.00
Rob Gambitta$3,472.00
Justin Eveson $1,462.00
Caron Sugars$1,379.10
Karen Heberling$1,250.00
Terri Carr$1,205.00
Linda Edge$1,195.00
Jane Davis$1,120.00
Scott Mison$1,100.00
David ECKHART$1,000.00
Clint Hodgkins$640.00
Adrian Welten$510.00
Gary Holliday$450.00
Kathryn Lynam$250.00
Adella Heygate$225.00
Amber Merritt$200.00
Kane Stone$60.00
Wembley Primary Senior School$60.00
Nikki Silverthorne$50.00

Top Teams

Anonymous  donated  $600.00        David ECKHART  donated  $275.00        Anonymous  donated  $269.10        Work Clobber  donated  $250.00        Phil Welten  donated  $200.00        Al Dewar  donated  $100.00        Amanda Ashley  donated  $100.00        Caleb Heistek  donated  $100.00        Erin Baker  donated  $100.00        Jacky & Greg Brody  donated  $100.00        Jason Verge  donated  $100.00        John Rovedatti  donated  $100.00        Matthew Beevers  donated  $100.00        Alex Heberling  donated  $85.00        Sally Lennon  donated  $70.00        Aaron Jennings  donated  $50.00        Amber Ashbrook  donated  $50.00        Ben Wildy  donated  $50.00        Brayden Fakhoury  donated  $50.00        Catherine Lucente  donated  $50.00        Clare Francioni  donated  $50.00        Emma, Mia, Kim, William Thomson  donated  $50.00        Family Donations  donated  $50.00        Fran De Carolis  donated  $50.00        Gary Holliday  donated  $50.00        Gina Modica  donated  $50.00        HCMA Perth Employee  donated  $50.00        Helena Boyd  donated  $50.00        Judy Kelly  donated  $50.00        Justin Eveson  donated  $50.00        Justin Eveson  donated  $50.00        Kathleen Irwine  donated  $50.00        Kathryn Lynam  donated  $50.00        Keleisha Ramirez  donated  $50.00        Lisa Deans  donated  $50.00        Lisa Eveson  donated  $50.00        Maree Alilovic  donated  $50.00        Marg Warrener  donated  $50.00        Mark Welten  donated  $50.00        Martin Lamprecht  donated  $50.00        Rebecca Russell  donated  $50.00        Rob Gambitta (for Natasha Nillsen)  donated  $50.00        Rosemary Martin  donated  $50.00        Sam Fitzpatrick  donated  $50.00        Stan and Joanna Eveson  donated  $50.00        Stefan Helbo  donated  $50.00        Tammy Hodgkins  donated  $50.00        Wayde Knight  donated  $50.00        Anonymous  donated  $40.00        Anthea Sauer  donated  $30.00        Davina Pember  donated  $30.00        Justin Eveson  donated  $30.00        Rob Gambitta (for frank frisina)  donated  $30.00        Tanya McGuire  donated  $30.00        Amy Morgan  donated  $25.00        Belinda Cordova  donated  $25.00        Michelle Vlahos  donated  $25.00        Tahnee Pitman  donated  $25.00        Angelique Stine  donated  $20.00        Ashleigh Joncour  donated  $20.00        Brenton Gooding  donated  $20.00        Bryan Young  donated  $20.00        Claire Bellamy  donated  $20.00        Deanna Gibson  donated  $20.00        Emilee Conca  donated  $20.00        Fleur Cameron  donated  $20.00        Jade Ashbrook  donated  $20.00        Karen Fox  donated  $20.00        Kenneth Barnett  donated  $20.00        Linda English  donated  $20.00        Michelle Silver  donated  $20.00        Mike van Noort  donated  $20.00        Natasha Modica  donated  $20.00        Sinead Daly  donated  $20.00        Tim Cunt  donated  $20.00        Tyron Freitag  donated  $20.00        Brenda Napthine  donated  $10.00        Candy Rostron  donated  $10.00        Donna Verkaaik  donated  $10.00        Erica O'Hart  donated  $10.00        Jacqueline ONeill  donated  $10.00        John Baus  donated  $10.00        Leigh Savage  donated  $10.00        Moses Viotzky  donated  $10.00        phyllis kelly  donated  $10.00        Valerie Martin  donated  $5.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Justin Eveson  donated an undisclosed amount         Justin Eveson  donated an undisclosed amount         Lachlan Campbell  donated an undisclosed amount         Megan Kennedy  donated an undisclosed amount         Paul Brennan  donated an undisclosed amount         Sophie Stajka  donated an undisclosed amount